Introduction: Purpose of This Blog

My name is Kieran Stones

Welcome to JMBKS, my production blog for my animated student film “Jacky & Mary-Brooklyn’s Unlucky Day” which revolves around two youngsters named Jacky and Mary-Brooklyn Jinkers as they plan a fun day but things don’t go right for them.

This blog is created to document the production of the Bradford College Student Animated Film created by student Kieran Stones (that’s me).This film is planned to be the first in a series of animated short films in which the two youngsters will serve as part of the main cast.

The Blog will cover the production period of the film and document the steps that i have taken during production through different production phases, this is an ongoing project and will be updated whenever new changes are made.

The intention behind this film is to tell a memorable story with characters intending to have good/solid characterisation and chemistry, appealing design and solid personalities so that the viewers watching the film will remember them for what they are,  this film also hopes to establish the planned characterisation for how the characters will play out in the later animated short films i hope to produce.



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